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Tommy meets Gail Jan 2010

Tommy was a 2 year old stray dog, brought to a local animal shelter on Halloween Day 2009 from a rural location where he likely had limited interactions with humans.  He lived for 3 months with shelter staff & volunteers, preparing for life in an urban environment.  Tommy had pre-existing holistic health issues, including the strong survival instinct of panicked avoidance of anything that could spell danger.  He came into our lives in January 2010. Despite our initial adventures with a dog who didn’t know how to live in a house in the middle of a city, he maintained a gentle disposition & adjusted to all the changes we challenged him with.  I’ve learned so much from Tommy – the joy of never ending curiosity and discovery; his amazing adaptive abilities; and his willingness to learn to trust in what must have been a very scary world.  It’s no wonder why people often say that “rescued dogs rescue us”.

Grommet 1995

 Before we had Tommy, we had a dear old friend named Grommet.  He was also a 2 year old stray dog who arrived at the shelter with an unknown past.  We were told he was a lab-boxer cross, but other experts believed Grommet was a pitbull.  I remember the first time I was told this:  “A pitbull?!” I gasped.  So began a lesson on stigma, prejudice, pre-conceived notions.  Some people were indeed afraid of Grommet & his pitbull appearances.  But whatever his breed was, most people were drawn to him like I was when I saw him at the shelter.  Affectionate and playful, Grommet wanted nothing more but to be with you.  Grommet was very tuned in to the emotional energy of his people – he would come nudge my hand when I was sad, lay down beside me when I felt weary, and play with endless exuberance when I was happy.  Grommet was our faithful companion for 14 years.  I never imagined that I would choose a pitbull as my first dog, but now I understand that Grommet chose us.

Animals can provide humans with companionship, support, a sense of purpose, and opportunities to have healthy connections with other people.  I believe that a pet can be helpful during times of healing & growth.  If you are thinking about bringing a pet into your life, please consider the wonderful candidates at your local animal shelters.  Their histories might be unknown, but growing together, your journey could be amazing.

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