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Press Releases & Articles

October 2012

On October 1, 2012 the Human Resource Institute of Alberta (HRIA) posted an e-source article that I wrote regarding workplace mental health issues.  The mere notion of approaching a colleague/employee regarding concerns about their mental well-being often results in such a high degree of anxiety that the discussion is completely avoided.  You can read the article at  http://www.hria.ca/news-resources/e-source-article-1-october-2012. The Mental Health Commission of Canada has recently published its workplace mental health guidelines which emphasizes the importance of public education regarding mental health issues. As a qualified instructor for Mental Health First Aid Canada, I encourage you to utilize the educational options available to you/your company.  Many thanks to the HRIA editorial team for their support in accepting and sharing this article with their members.

May 1, 2012

The May 26 & 27, 2012  Mental Health First Aid course & charity fundraiser event for Defeat Depression was highlighted in today’s printed and on-line edition of the Calgary Herald (scroll below the articles headline photo).

Thank-you to the reporters and editorial team of the Real Life section of the Herald for your ongoing commitment to raising public awareness regarding mental health issues!


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Current Projects & Events

March 26, 2014  Mental Health Gala for the Distress Centre on Campus  

I am excited and honoured to be an invited guest for the 1st Annual Mental Health Gala for the Distress Centre on Campus, being held tonight at the University of Calgary – MacEwan Hall Cassio A/B.

From their website, “Together we can make a difference. We are a passionate group aimed at raising awareness for Distress Centre Calgary and services available to support people in times of crisis”.  For more information see the dconcampus website.


MHFA (Basic) Course Updates for March 2014

MHCC-Logo_RGB     mhfa canada words

Course Option #1 & #2:  Gail has been contracted by the Alberta Home Visitation Network Association (AHVNA) to instruct 2 more Mental Health First Aid (Basic) classes for Spring 2014.  The course is open to the public at an excellent rate.

When:  Wed-Thurs May 7 & 8, 2014  and Tues-Wed May 27 & 28, 2014 (each course is 2 days) from 8:45 am to 4:15 pm each day.  Openings still available for both classes but space is running out for the May 7 & 8 class – Register today!

Where:  Hull Child and Family Services at 1847-48 Street SE Calgary – plenty of free street parking as well in the strip mall across from the venue (per agreement between the venue and strip mall owner)

Cost:  $125.00 for AHVNA members; $195.00 for non-members  (no host lunch)

Registration details:  see the AHVNA webpage to register – click on link noted above


Additional course information for all session:  can be found on the Mental Health First Aid Canada website

Remember, you don’t need prior experience to take MHFA!

If your organization has a group of 8 or more adults wanting to book a course, please call Gail today to schedule your group for a closed class.  2014 bookings are available through out the week for the (2 x 8 hour) class schedule, as well as the (4 x 3.25 hour) class schedule.  Gail will travel to areas outside of Calgary for classes.  What’s the advantage of a closed class? – you get to learn these important MHFA skills with the support of your team, and discussions can be tailored to the unique needs of your group.  Also, there are possible price adjustments if your organization is able to provide the space required to run a course.  Or you may opt to host the course for your group that is also open to the public – this may help generate revenue or offset costs for your organization.  The choice is yours!

This is an exciting time! – the public momentum to see improvements in the mental wellbeing for all Canadians has never before been as strong as it is today.  As of early 2013, over 75, 000 adults had received training from Mental Health First Aid Canada – join this international movement & contact Gail today!

email kermodecounselling@gmail.com or call Gail at 403-457-4036.


Public Education

“I just didn’t know what to say…I’m afraid to say the wrong thing so I said nothing at all” 

Gail is passionate about public education on mental health issues.  So often, people are not able to reach out to someone who they are concerned about – not because they don’t care – but because they don’t understand what’s happening, or don’t have the words to express the concerns.

Gail is an approved instructor for Mental Health First Aid Canada (MHFA) for the basic (adult) course.  She is available as an independent contractor, or as a “contract trainer” through the MHFA Canada head office.  This 12-hour, 2-day or 4-session class is based on the principles of medical first aid, but specifically for mental health issues.  MHFA Canada is an evidence based program of The Mental Health Commission of Canada, and is part of an international movement to provide public education and reduce stigma regarding mental health concerns.

  • Information is relevant for a broad range of organizations concerned about workplace wellness.
  • Anyone working with the public will potentially benefit from having MHFA skills.
  • Do you have a group of 8 or more adults, interested in learning MHFA?  Book a private course with Gail.  This service is available for businesses, human resources departments, wellness programs, private organizations/clubs, students, or groups of individuals who get together for any reason & want to expand their knowledge & skills.


“I wish there were life skills workshops available for any one just wanting to get through life a little easier…”

Early intervention and prevention of illness or injury is a fundamental belief of Registered Nurses.  There is no need to wait for crisis to develop before seeking assistance in relaxation training, improving assertiveness/relationship skills, or getting general information on coping skills.

  • Gail is an approved instructor for programs from the Changeways Clinic (Vancouver, BC).  Please see the “Therapy Services” page for more details.
  • Any of the Changeways programs can be provided in part or in full, depending on the needs of participants &/or organization.  This is ideal for “lunch and learn” talks.
  • Private sessions can be arranged for any group of 6 or more adults.

For more information, contact Gail today at:

  • (office) 403-457-4036  confidential voice mail available
  • (FAX) 403-457-4063
  • kermodecounselling@gmail.com