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Public Education

“I just didn’t know what to say…I’m afraid to say the wrong thing so I said nothing at all” 

Gail is passionate about public education on mental health issues.  So often, people are not able to reach out to someone who they are concerned about – not because they don’t care – but because they don’t understand what’s happening, or don’t have the words to express the concerns.

Gail is an approved instructor for Mental Health First Aid Canada (MHFA) for the basic (adult) course.  She is available as an independent contractor, or as a “contract trainer” through the MHFA Canada head office.  This 12-hour, 2-day or 4-session class is based on the principles of medical first aid, but specifically for mental health issues.  MHFA Canada is an evidence based program of The Mental Health Commission of Canada, and is part of an international movement to provide public education and reduce stigma regarding mental health concerns.

  • Information is relevant for a broad range of organizations concerned about workplace wellness.
  • Anyone working with the public will potentially benefit from having MHFA skills.
  • Do you have a group of 8 or more adults, interested in learning MHFA?  Book a private course with Gail.  This service is available for businesses, human resources departments, wellness programs, private organizations/clubs, students, or groups of individuals who get together for any reason & want to expand their knowledge & skills.


“I wish there were life skills workshops available for any one just wanting to get through life a little easier…”

Early intervention and prevention of illness or injury is a fundamental belief of Registered Nurses.  There is no need to wait for crisis to develop before seeking assistance in relaxation training, improving assertiveness/relationship skills, or getting general information on coping skills.

  • Gail is an approved instructor for programs from the Changeways Clinic (Vancouver, BC).  Please see the “Therapy Services” page for more details.
  • Any of the Changeways programs can be provided in part or in full, depending on the needs of participants &/or organization.  This is ideal for “lunch and learn” talks.
  • Private sessions can be arranged for any group of 6 or more adults.

For more information, contact Gail today at:

  • (office) 403-457-4036  confidential voice mail available
  • (FAX) 403-457-4063
  • kermodecounselling@gmail.com